Be a member of ISPE!

Benefits of Membership

Networking for the future. Meet industry professionals and learn what they do! We invite guest speakers from industry to all of our general meetings. They discuss their work in the pharma/biotech industry and usually come to recruit students for internships and job openings.

Career development. Participate in the San Francisco/Bay Area Young Professionals Leadership Forum.  This important event brings industry professionals and students together for a day.  Workshops about building your resume, job interviews, networking, and career options for students are conducted by the industry professionals themselves!

Plant tours of nearby facilities. Being in Davis, we are close to many manufacturing sites, including Genentech, Amgen, and Novartis. Get a chance to visit, learn about the process of pharmaceuticals manufacturing, and network with company representatives. In the 2009-2010 academic year, we visited Genentech’s manufacturing plant at Vacavile, Amgen’s facility at Fremont, and the Novartis site in Vacaville.

Participate in our poster competitions and annual meetings. Gain leadership experience, and even a trip to our annual meeting, by participating in the research poster competition. In previous years, UC Davis students have won the San Francisco/Bay Area competition and traveled to the international competition.

Social events. In addition to having networking opportunities with industry, becoming a member will help you connect with students from other life sciences and engineering majors in Davis.  Our chapter is unique in that it is the only engineering club to have undergraduate and graduate student members.  You can also meet students from other ISPE student chapters in the Bay Area.

FREE FOOD! Last but not least, all of our meetings include food and beverages.

Membership Requirement

All majors welcome!

    Even through the ‘E’ in ISPE stands for engineers, our club includes majors of different backgrounds, both undergraduate and graduate. You must be a member to attend our plant tours, social events, and other special events. Membership dues are only $15 per year, a small investment for the numerous benefits you will receive.

Join Local ISPE

To join our local student chapter at UC Davis, simply fill out our Membership Application form.

Join National ISPE

Visit ISPE’s global website, click on “Become a Member”, and fill out the Student Membership online form. You will need to pay online and provide proof that you are an active student (a copy or screen shot of your class schedule from Sisweb to the email they provide is enough). Please email your membership confirmation to our email address,,  so we can keep a record of it.

Or, you can print the application, complete it, and bring it to any of our meetings: ISPE Student Application Form


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